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Christmas Fun

As mentioned in yesterday's post, today marked Day 1 of my London Marathon training schedule... and I started with a bit of fun.  Some of my Bridlington Road Runners team mates ran a Christmas Eve Half Marathon, which follows the route of the well established Bridlington Half Marathon, held in Octo…

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Two Miles Covered

Today, my sponsorship passed the £200 mark... that's two miles sponsored, out of the 26.2-mile course. Today I also received what I hoped would be my shoes for the race, a pair of Nike Zoom Fly marathon shoes. They come highly recommended, garnering great reviews in Runners World magazine and inde…

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BRR 2018 Christmas Handicap

Sunday December 15th saw the Bridlington Road Runners' annual Christmas Handicap, the second in a three-race series that makes up the Winter League. After winning the title for the past two years, and scoring a runaway victory in the first race, the Constable Handicap, I was hoping for a good race t…

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San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll 5K

Last week I flew to San Antonio, Texas, to visit an old (95 years old!) friend. While I was there, there was a Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Event in full swing and I decided to dip my toes in the 5K. There was a choice of Full and Half Marathons, as well as a 5K and 10K. But I was there visiting, so decid…

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