12-Year-Old Beagle Completes Virtual London Marathon

Haha, well that's the plan!

With the postponement and possible cancellation of the 2020 London Marathon due to the Coronavirus lock-down, charities will lose out on millions of pounds in essential funding. Last year the race raised a staggering £66.4 million across the board.

To help compensate in some way for this, the organisers this week launched an initiative they've branded the "2.6 Challenge", encouraging race participants to complete a challenge of, for example, 26 press-ups with your dog on your back, 26 laps of your local park (or what-have-you), using this as a fundraiser for their chosen charity.

My chosen charity is the Macular Society and my old Beagle Penelope and I are going to walk 26.2 miles before my birthday, which falls on May 2nd. It will be a lengthy operation as she does more sniffing that actual walking, but here she is, ready for the off and already putting her best foot forward:

"Not Sure I Want to Do This"

We're looking to raise a modest £260 but secretly hoping that we'll emulate Captain Tom, go viral, and raise £26 million!

Stranger things have happened... but we'll definitely need help with this! Especially since we know that money is very tight for lots of families and businesses, right now.

So all we're asking is that you:

1. Sponsor us for 1p a mile... that comes to just £2.62 (but more if you can manage it);

2. Ask a couple of friends to do the same (sponsor us for £2.62 and also ask a couple of their friends);

3. If you're active on social media, please, please, please help Penelope and I  go viral. I've posted on Facebook (OhSandraOh) so you can 'Share' and Twitter (@sandraorlando11) so you can ReTweet. 

Today we sniffed our way round 1.9 miles, so only 24.3 to go... we've got this!

Please give what you can... every donation is precious and very much appreciate...

Here's a link to my JustGiving page... thank you so very, very much!





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