2020: The Year of Perfect Vision?

This week saw the dawn of a new decade, the eighth one of my lifetime... although I don't actually remember much about January 1st, 1950 as I was only 2 years old! 

20/20 is also what most people regard as perfect vision, although this is not exactly true. According to the American Optometric Association website, 20/20 vision is:

 "... a term used to express normal visual acuity (the clarity or sharpness of vision) measured at a distance of 20 feet. If you have 20/20 vision, you can see clearly at 20 feet what should normally be seen at that distance. If you have 20/100 vision, it means that you must be as close as 20 feet to see what a person with normal vision can see at 100 feet.

Having 20/20 vision does not necessarily mean you have perfect vision. 20/20 vision only indicates the sharpness or clarity of vision at a distance. Other important vision skills, including peripheral awareness or side vision, eye coordination, depth perception, focusing ability and color vision, contribute to your overall visual ability."

Still, for opticians and advertising agents with major clients in the field, the year 2020 must seem like a gift from God! I can't wait to see the advertising slogans. Perhaps we'll hear Johnny Nash's iconic 1972 hit, "I can see clearly, now... because I've just got new glasses from SpecSavers... I can see all obstacles in my way" and so on. Let's see what they come up with!

But people with any one of the many forms of macular disease will never again see clearly, and they may not see ANY of the obstacles in their way, either. Because there is NO CURE for any form of macular disease. Even though approximately 300 people are diagnosed with a macular condition EVERY DAY in the UK alone, funding to find a cure and treatments is limited.

And this is why, in this year of 2020, I am trying to raise £10,000.00 to help find a cure... or at least a treatment that doesn't involve monthly injections into the eye! Not so that folks with macular degeneration will necessarily achieve 20/20 vision, but so that they will at least be able to see their loved ones, watch television, or read a magazine.

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I am going to run three marathons (that's 26.2 miles apiece) in three countries, in just three months: March is Washington, DC; April is the London Marathon; and May I'll be in Edinburgh.

At 72/73 years old that's not easy, so I need plenty of encouragement! I'm already into week 6 of my training schedule and by the time I've completed the Edinburgh Marathon at the end of May, I expect to have run close to a thousand miles!

But yesterday I slacked off a little, because instead of doing the 9 miles that my training schedule called for, I ran our annual, unofficial New Year's Day 5K Sewerby parkrun, followed by breakfast at the Prior John, our local Bridlington Wetherspoon's pub! 



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