Bad News

This post will be brief...

Since Christmas I've been struggling with pain in my heels. The running community being what it is, I've had lots of diagnoses and tips for getting 'right', all well-meaning of course; but last week I finally bit the bullet and went to see my doctor.

She diagnosed Achilles Heel Connective Tendinitis... inflammation of the tendons where they connect to the heel bone. She also referred me to the hospital but said I could continue to run (no more than 3 miles per day) unless the pain got worse. It did.

Today was my appointment at the Physiotherapy Department at Bridlington Hospital, where the diagnosis was confirmed... plus a touch of plantar fasciitis :(

I am now restricted to running no more than ONE MILE per day until my follow-up visit in three weeks. But again, I must stop if in pain.

Since my marathon training plan is of 18 weeks duration (maybe as little as 12 weeks at a pinch, if I'm not going for a PB) I'm sad to say that my Spring Marathon-A-Thon has become a non-starter. Even the third and last leg, the Edinburgh Marathon on May 26th, is pretty much a long shot, now.

I will, however, be keeping the fundraiser going as the work of the Macular Society is so important to me. Every month we hear of more research projects being funded to help find a cure for this disease that robs thousands of their sight every year. 

I won't be expecting to make the £10,000.00 I was hoping for, but all is not lost. We already have £1,000.00... and I'm still hoping to run the Chicago Marathon in October.

At this point I'd like to thank all the people who have supported and encouraged me up to this point, whether financially through my JustGiving page, by promoting my efforts in the local press, or just through words of encouragement... THANK YOU!

And I'll continue to post updates here when I have more news. In the meantime, here's the link again to my JustGiving page. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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