BRR 2018 Christmas Handicap

Sunday December 15th saw the Bridlington Road Runners' annual Christmas Handicap, the second in a three-race series that makes up the Winter League. After winning the title for the past two years, and scoring a runaway victory in the first race, the Constable Handicap, I was hoping for a good race that would see me in good stead for the final race, in February. Unfortunately, this was not to be. The handicapper had taken note of my recent successes and raised my handicap accordingly. But this wasn't my only handicap, as I was also nursing an upper respiratory infection that I brought home with me from my recent trip to Texas.

Bottom line... I coughed my way all round the 10K course and into last place! So from 1st place to last place in just two races! Oh well, you win some, you lose some... and there's always another day.

Did I mention that for this one race of the year, fancy dress, though not compulsory, is strongly encouraged? I'm the Santa with the beard, trying to get our little Beagle to cooperate for the camera!

After a horrible, stormy Saturday night, Sunday dawned with blue skies, no wind, and relatively mild for the middle of December. In fact, a perfect day for a run, if it hadn't been for that darned cough!

The course took us from Kilham Village Hall in East Yorkshire, out around some lovely scenic roads. The next picture shows me double checking with a race marshal which of three alternative country roads I should be heading down.

One of my club mates was not so fortunate as she took a wrong turning at an unmanned junction and was subsequently marked, 'DNF'... the dreaded 'Did Not Finish'. Fortunately she realised her mistake and headed back to the safety of the hall, where a great spread was available to all. For this event, everyone brings a dish and a door prize, so at the end of the day, whatever the race results, everyone's a winner!

Despite my poor showing on the day, I did receive my engraved shield for winning the Constable Handicap, from our club president.

And a good time was had by all!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

And Merry Christmas!

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