Down but Not Out...

...or Living to Fight Another Day!

Just a brief update on my ill-fated 2020 Spring Marathon-A-Thon...

Well the good news is, the ducks are trying to get themselves in a row and it's looking like I may yet be on for a 2021 Spring Marathon-A-Thon:

  • The Washington DC Rock 'n' Roll Marathon gave runners a choice of several races they could switch to, following cancellation of this year's event. They also gave the option of a deferment to next year's race. Since all the other races were in the US anyway, and because I'd been looking forward to seeing old friends in DC, I chose the latter. So March 2021 is a date.
  •  The London Marathon was postponed until October, but they have also offered the option of deferring until next year. Since I am still battling my Achilles Heel injury, I have requested to defer. So April 2021 is looking like a possibilty.
  • The Edinburgh Marathon is a similar situation to London, so again I am hoping for a deferment until May 2021... watch this space!

So, all in all, things are starting to look quite good for a "2021 Spring Marathon-A-Thon", so long as I can get my pesky heel injuries sorted and return to 'match fitness'.

In the meantime, Chicago is still on and due to take place in October of this year, although I will obviously have to be guided by any Government edicts and travelling restrictions that may still be in place. And again, I will need to be able to start training again by the beginning of June if I am to have a decent shot at an October marathon.

So that's about where I'm at for the time being. But before I close... a little advertising message:

All charities are having a VERY hard time at the moment... as, of course, are many families. The Government has come out with a range of measures to ameliorate hardship, and only this week announced a small bailout for charities. But unfortunately it's only a drop in the ocean compared to the funds that are required.

So I'm asking, if you CAN spare a little in these hard times, to give the Macular Society a boost. And you can do that by supporting my running endeavours... whenever they might eventually take place.

It's quite easy to do.. just visit my JustGiving Page...


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Thank you SO much!


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