George and Mildred

This week, thanks to the generosity of a couple of neighbours, I reached another milestone in my quest to raise £100.00 per mile for the Macular Society, at the London Marathon. I had spent several days printing and assembling an information package to alert my neighbours to the fundraiser, and on Tuesday I spent another couple of hours stuffing them through letter boxes up and down the street. I wasn't expecting a huge response, but two neighbours did come through for me already, and boosted my total past the £262.00 mark and hence, to 10% of my £2,620.00 goal.

One of them posed a mystery, though, by signing their contribution on my Just Giving page, "George and Mildred". For those of you outside of the UK (or too young to remember) George and Mildred was a British sitcom from the '70s. So the question now is, did my neighbour simply want to remain anonymous or do we indeed have a couple in the street named George and Mildred?!

Running- and training-wise, I have now completed three weeks of my 18-week marathon training plan and so far I have managed to keep up... I even have a few extra miles in the bank. It's not good to exceed the training requirements too drastically, but I figure that just a few extra miles under my belt might be useful in case of a cold or minor strain down the road! Up to now the regimen has been relatively benign, but next week it starts to get serious... wish me luck!

Today I turned out with some fellow Bridlington Road Runners, as we tested an amended route for our annual Three Hills summer season run. Members had expressed concern about traffic issues, so some committee members have devised this new route to avoid some of the traffic while preserving the challenge of running up three hills, one of them pretty steep. My training plan called for "8 miles, easy" today; well, the route took us about 6.5 miles, and with the run home afterwards, I covered 8.25 miles. However, I'm not sure that I would classify an elevation gain of almost 400 feet as "easy"!

Sewerby parkrun on Saturday was a little breezy on the clifftop... and we seem to be getting ever closer to the edge of the cliff! (Photo courtesy of Tom Fynn of TCF Photography.)

Tom also caught me with 'flying feet' ... we all like to see that! I was asked recently if I was a runner or a jogger, to which my reply (as always!) was, "If both feet are off the ground at the same time, you're a runner." End of story!

Thank you for reading, and don't be shy about sending a couple of bucks to my

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I still have a L-O-N-G way to go!


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