Innov-8tion... That's the Name of the Game

Today was the Chichester 10K in West Sussex. It was the final opportunity to secure a place in the England Athletics Masters Age-Related Team for the Birmingham 10K to be held in May. I ran--not very well--in the team last year, and had been hoping to redeem myself, this year. The first two qualifyers were held while I was travelling last year, so I had been looking forward to running at Chichester.

One of the reasons I like running there is that the last two or three miles of the race comprise a complete circuit of the Goodwood Motor Racing track. I love racing in unusual places, and it's hard to beat running in the tyre tracks of such luminaries as Stirling Moss, Juan Fangio, Jackie Stewart, et al!

But unfortunately it was not to be. The ice and snow that have been blanketing parts of the country this week were sufficient for me to decide not to chance the long drive to the south coast. So instead of us driving 300 miles to Sussex, I braved the 1.7 miles to my local parkrun at Sewerby. And because of the conditions underfoot I broke out my trail shoes (actually, trail boots), for once. When things don't go to plan, ya just gotta Inov-8. 

Inov-8 RoclitesTM, that is...

I look as if I've dosed off! Well, it's hard work running on ice and through frozen woodland!

But every cloud has a silver lining. Because I was able to save plenty of ££££ in hotel, food, and petrol costs by missing out on the Chichester trip, I decided I would match the next £100-worth of donations to my 2019 London Marathon Macular Society appeal (multiplication is the name of THAT game!).

As of today, I have already matched £70, but there is still £30 waiting to be matched... does that £30 have YOUR name on it? (For my many friends in the US, £30 is about 40 bucks, these days... just sayin'.)

It's easy (and safe) to donate online through my

JustGiving Page 

...simply click this link and follow the simple instructions.

Thank You so Much!


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