It's Good News Week...

There's a song title there... anyone else old enough to remember it?!

Today, I had my first visit of 2019 to the eye clinic at Bridlington Hospital. All the staff there are tremendous... friendly, caring, knowledgeable, and efficient. I can't speak too highly of them.


My macular degeneration has been stable for about 18 months, now, but today the consultant informed me that it is so well scarred over that he considers it unlikely that it will tear again. There are no guarantees, of course, and it could still happen in my other eye, but it was VERY GOOD NEWS to me. I'll take it!

Of course, I am one of the lucky ones. For most people with macular degeneration there is no treatment and no cure. That is why it is so vitally important to keep research funded, so future generations can be spared the trauma of losing their sight to this disease. Or, at the very least, to have better treatment available. Let's face it, which of us wouldn't be disquieted at the thought of having a needle stuck in their eye every month!

Also, until a cure is found, there will always be folks who desperately need help and support in their terrifying journey into sight loss. The Macular Society, through the generosity of people like you, are able to help provide such support.

You can help by sponsoring me for my 2019 London Marathon attempt. It's quick, easy, less painful than an injection in your eye and, if you wish, anonymous. Just click here to follow the link to my Just Giving page. Hey, if I can run 26+ miles, four days before my 72nd birthday, I'm sure that any one of my friends can spare a couple of quid or a few bucks... yes? Thank you!

But wait, there was more good news for me, this week...

Somewhere along the way on my recent trip to America to run the San Antonio Rock 'n'Roll 5K I lost a jacket. It was a pretty special jacket that I was awarded for completing a 15K and 8K on successive days at the Gasparilla Distance Classic race weekend in Tampa, Florida, last year.


I contacted the various security agencies who had access to my luggage along the way but drew a blank. So as a last resort I contacted the race organizers to see if they had any of these cool jackets left over and, if so, if I could buy one. Enter Race Director Susan Harmeling and designated shipper, Mary Gramer. Not only did they have spares, they cheerfully GAVE me a new jacket and even provided 3-day UPS shipping!

Now, that is going over and above the call of duty! I've taken part in Gasparilla race weekend several times, and will certainly do so again if the opportunity presents itself! So a great big Thank You to Susan and Mary, and to Publix Supermarkets, the major sponsor of the weekend!

Below is a photo of me in my new jacket... can you tell I'm a happy camper?

Now, would you like to make me an even happier camper (well of course you would!)? Then all you have to do is toddle along to my JustGiving page and help me reach my target of £2,620.00... it's been a bit stalled for a while :(

Thank You!

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