Training is Paying Off

Yesterday, Sunday February 24th, was my first open race of the year. This was the 10-mile Snake Lane 10 held in the East Yorkshire countryside around Pocklington, and organized by local club, Pocklington Runners. The weather was perfect, crisp and sunny with very little wind, and the course was as advertized--flat and fast-- for the field of more than 1,000 runners, including a good turnout from my own club, the Bridlington Road Runners.

(Not to mention our own little beagle, Penelope, who likes to get in on the act and mingle with the runners.)

Yesterday also marked the halfway point of my 18-week training regimen. Running in races is vastly different to doing lone training runs, so I was anxious to see how things were progressing, towards my target of running a sub-5-hour marathon in London. And I was not disappointed!

I had been hoping for a finishing time of around 2 hours (12-minute miles) and set off with this in mind. However, after a couple of miles I felt I was going well and was passing quite a few of the slower runners. And I just went went from strength to strength, shooting the breeze with a few runners that I caught up with, and then pressing on, eventually crossing the line in a time of 1:46:39.

I had intended using this race just as a training run, but I guess the adrenaline kicks in on race day, especially when you're approaching the finishing line and you know you're going to get a good time. I think the grit and determination that comes out in these circumstances is perfectly summed up in this picture snapped by one of my Bridlington Road Runners team mates who was waiting with his camera about 50 yards from the line.

Of course, keeping up this pace for an extra 16.2 miles will be no easy matter, but at least there was a chance for a bit of fun yesterday, after I got my breath back.

Note the appropriately situated Age UK shop in the background, across the market place! Well I AM into my 8th decade!

I later discovered that I actually won my age group category, and a cash prize, but we'd left before the awards were presented, so I wait with baited breath to find out how much I won.

Irrespective, I will donate it to my London Marathon fundraiser in aid of the  Macular Society.

You can donate too if you would like.

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                  Thank You!




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