Virtual London Marathon 2020

It's been a while since I updated the blog, but since I last posted, my sight has stabilized again... albeit at my 'new norm' and I am again back to monthly injections to my 'bad' eye. I can no longer see to read normal print out of my left eye, but thankfully my right ('good') eye takes up some of the slack so life continues... onward and (hopefully) and upward. Oh, and did I mention that a while ago I ran over my foot with the electric lawn mower? That didn't do much for the training schedule... lost my big toe nail (again!)!

The upshot of all this, together with Covid restrictions in the Spring, is that I am nowhere near fit, and struggling to run 4 or 5 miles. Which is unfortunate because, in a rash moment, I coughed up an extra £20 to enter the 40th London Marathon, which takes place tomorrow (I have deferred my original race entry to 2021)! The good news is that, apart from the elite athletes, who will be running the regular course, everyone else gets to complete it their own way. You can run, jog, walk, skip, or 'jeff it'... with all day to do it in. Yes, take 24 hours over it if you wish. I still think I'm being a bit ambitious, but I'm going to give it a go. In for a penny... Wish me luck!


And now the commercial... sorry, but I do put myself through all this 'stuff' to try and raise much-needed funds for the Macular Society, which does so much to support people with macular disease and to fund research for a cure (ot at least treatments that don't involve monthly injections in your eyes!). A lot of people have been hurt financially by the pandemic, I know, but if you CAN spare a little cash, please do consider helping my fundraiser. Just click through to my JustGiving page... it's quick and easy and, contrary to some recent fake news, almost all of your contribution will go directly to providing support and much needed funding for research towards a cure for macular degeneration in its many forms. None of which are currently curable.

Please click here to donate on my JustGiving page. 

Thank You So Very Much!

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